Damn I'm tired

On March 9th, I became a father. Here is my attempt to put down what I am feeling.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Lifestyle Changes

Your life really changes when you bring a child into the world. I know, I know. Duh!!! But I am serious. I knew that my life would change, I just didn't think that it would change this much.

I will admit, I am a tv junkie. I looove my TV. Law and Order:SVU, Survivor, CSI and CSI Miami. However, since the baby showed up, I have watched a grand total of about 2 hours of TV, and that was a DVD of The Incredibles that I bought. Can't really get into anything when you are too busy getting ready for the next diaper change/feeding.

Then there are computer games. I just recently started to get back into computer games. Baldurs Gate 1 and 2. Neverwinter Nights. Icewind Dale 1 and 2. Morrowind. City of Heroes. It is surprisingly difficult to play a game one-handed when use of the keyboard is almost mandatory in most of the games. Thank god for pause.

Welcome to my blog

Damn I am tired.

Like I mentioned above, I recently became a father. On March 9th, 2005, my wife gave birth to Emilie Sara Beaudoin. The rollercoaster begins, and I hope that the ride is a good one.

I ended up taking a total of 8 days off work. She was born on a wednesday, and I returned to work on a monday. The days in between just flew right by like they never happened. Just a blur of sleeping, feeding and going to the bathroom (for us as well as the baby).